design student at carnegie mellon university

I often wonder whether I’m missing out on what this place has to offer.


Just met James Wolpert at a basement at a small house party. We high fived and smoked weed.


How does this happen

People who can't draw:Drawing is fucking hard
People who don't try at all:Drawing is fucking hard
Teachers:Drawing is fucking hard
Beginning artists:Drawing is fucking hard
Pro artists:Drawing is fucking hard
Famous artists:Drawing is fucking hard
Extremely famous artists:Drawing is fucking hard
Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history:Drawing is fucking hard
People who are upset an artist won't draw for them for free:Drawing is easy!

I like to sit behind people in cafés and muse about their possible life stories #stalking #imagination #people #vscocam

did that in new york at the park :)

A few nights ago, I had a pretty tragic dream and I found myself laying in bed, agonizing.

I woke up, relieved. Even me laying in bed was a dream. What cruelty…


Yesterday, I went to Friday night service for the first time since last year. The sermon was about heaven and the pastor was so sure of his answers.

I didn’t know heaven was depicted that literally in the bible. I always saw it as more of an enigma, and that whatever it was, everyone was always in a peaceful state of being. But the pastor goes on about how there will be a hierarchy of roles and some people will govern over others. And sure, perhaps it sounds like a distopia to my lowly human mind and it actually won’t be bad at all. One way to look at it was that our good deeds on earth is a test of sorts, a way to build up those points, and then perhaps that will lead to how much property we have in heaven, or what level we’re on if heaven was made up of levels.

I really don’t like this idea. I don’t like the idea that heaven is a small amount of territory and that we’re all competing for a spot in it.

But it did put things into perspective a little bit. I think I can let the concept of our life on earth to be a very small portion of actual “life” sink in. The other stuff I heard yesterday will take longer, if it ever does at all. And I must keep in mind that they are basing their words off of the subtle “hints” in the bible, which is believed to be wholly true.


Today, I had the pleasure of knowing that all of my efforts, long nights, rejections and criticisms have all been worth it.

I was talking to my mom on the phone and she mentioned that Peter was really excited to finally ride an airplane again. Geez, he was so young when we went to Korea I don’t think he remembers what it’s like to be up in the air.

As for my dad, he’s always dreamt of being a pilot. He loves the sense of freedom that being in the air entails, and it pains me to think that he’ll stay confined to the small space that he owns, cleaning people’s clothes who are better off in the world financially than he is.

Simply put, this family hasn’t been on a plane or any sort of vacation since I was in the 4th grade. We just can’t afford to make the time for it.

And now it’s here, courtesy of Apple.

And it just so happens that my first day interning is the day after labor day, so not only has God granted us money, but also time.

San Francisco & Cupertino, hello, hello, hello.





Hi im reorganizing my thoughts as per usual. For some reason it’s way more helpful to throw out everything I’ve been meaning to do onto a blurb. It might be the social aspect of it but I’m also at a point where Tumblr is really just for myself and I have no direct audience I’m writing to. Except if I’m writing that than I probably do, which would be the inactive and few active followers that I have. This is stupid why am I explainingmyself.

Email Apple about stipend confusion (forms due april 2nd)
Have a finished concept for decoding place due tom
Finish mobile version of website due tom
Begin storyboarding animation and actually start due tues
Work shift at noon - 3
Help Mel and Angie with their performance art/experiment theyre doing on me… 3-4
Go support housemate at a cappella concert tonight 8pm




My friend’s advice to my other friend deciding whether to live with other Facebook interns in San Fran or get own housing with stipend:

"You can be antisocial anywhere. So why not be antisocial for cheaper and less effort?"

Meets up for dinner to talk about something very private.

OH HEY EVERYONE WE KNOW fancy seeing you here.

Stranger Friends

I often wonder what it’s like to have internet friends defined as people who you’ve never met and befriended via the internet.

Most people wouldn’t encourage this form of socializing but I think it’s time we accept the technology at our disposal as part of our lifestyle. People have the ability to find and talk to someone across the world with just a click of a button (Omegle, anyone?).

I’ve spoken to a few people on Tumblr back when it was a bigger part of my life, but I wouldn’t say a “friendship” formed. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to, but as I’m growing and getting more interested in how culture and upbringing shapes people, this adventurous curiosity has sparked.

This isn’t a recent development. Back when Instagram wasn’t owned by Facebook and no one I knew personally followed me, I would say the majority of Instagram was interested in networking via the app. There isn’t that association with Facebook or that expanded Android audience, it was simply an Instagram identity and the “popular” page wasn’t filled with self-absorbed selfies (this I blame the Android market because there’s a specific niche that the “marketable” side of Android platforms cater towards). That was a fun time.

But an internet friendship is sort of ephemeral in some ways. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered based off of the little experience I have. And I think it’s ironic that it happens because in real life relationships, well there’s distance. With the internet, it’s usually accessible.